Our Commitment to Your Adventure

Hard at work to ensure you the best fishing experience
Hard at work to ensure you the best fishing experience

At Rock Creek Striper Guide Service, we believe that a fantastic fishing experience is the result of countless hours of preparation, years of knowledge, and a deep passion for fishing. Here’s a look at the meticulous effort we put in behind the scenes to ensure your fishing trip is one for the books.

Understanding The Fish: We keep detailed diaries of our fishing experiences, tracking where, when, and what bait works best. This allows us to understand the patterns of striped bass and anticipate their preferred locations at any given time. Because with stripers, yesterday’s hot spot could be today’s cold zone.

Maintaining Our Equipment: We use top-notch equipment – trucks, boats, trailers, rods, reels, electronics, and motors – all of which require regular attention. Our boats are thoroughly cleaned and prepped after each trip, with gasoline, ice, rods, and bait supplies replenished. Our trucks are kept in peak condition for safety and reliability.

The Fishing Gear: Our rods and reels are high quality, some custom-made, and can withstand daily use and abuse from both the fish and the fishermen. Fishing lines are regularly inspected and replaced to ensure that the only thing between you and your trophy catch is at its best. Our depth finders and GPS units also demand constant upkeep.

Motors: Our outboard and trolling motors work hard, running almost every day of the year. Maintaining these are critical to a successful fishing trip.

Terminal Tackle: We use a wide variety of tackle that has proven successful in catching stripers. Restocking these tackle supplies, especially after they’ve been lost to bad casts or big fish, requires a considerable amount of time and resources.

Batteries: Nearly everything on our boat, from the shad tanks to the boat motor, runs on batteries. With up to five batteries on a boat, we have to ensure they’re all in optimal condition every day.

Live Bait: Handling shad, our primary live bait, is a meticulous process involving specially designed tanks at the shop with continuous aeration and back-up generators. The shad are cared for daily to ensure they remain healthy and lively.

Weather: We keep a close eye on the weather not only for safety reasons but also because changes in weather can significantly impact fish behavior.

Licenses, Certifications & Insurance: We maintain all necessary licenses and certifications, including boat, truck, trailer, and fishing licenses, guide licenses, tax permits, occupation licenses, coast guard certifications, and CPR training. We also carry comprehensive & liability insurance.

Safety Equipment: We inspect life jackets, fire extinguishers, and other safety gear daily to ensure they’re ready for use in case of emergency.

The Extras: Everything from ice machines, dip nets, and electric knives to boat ramp fees and calling back clients are all part of a day’s work.

Taxes & Bookkeeping: We maintain a diligent bookkeeping system to ensure that we’re in good standing with Uncle Sam.

Despite all this work, we choose this life because we love sharing the joy and thrill of fishing. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing our clients’ faces light up with smiles and hearing their laughter. For every fishing adventure you embark on with us, know that we’ve spent hours in preparation to ensure you can create memories that will last a lifetime.

Now, let’s get out there and catch some fish!